Terrapin Cam

South Yorkshire Terrapin & Tortoise Rescue THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS:

You will see the following species on these cam’s

  • Map turtles
  • Painted turtles
  • River Cooter’s
  • European pond turtles
  • Yellow bellied slider’s (Non-Native)
  • Red-eared slider’s     (Non-Native)
  • Cumberland slider’s  (Non-Native)
Terrapin PondTemp
Water temp23°C
Basking temp32°C
Our Ponds are heated 24/7 365 days a year.

What do we feed our Terrapins on ?

  • Little gem Lettice
  • Fresh prawns
  • Our own Turtle & Terrapin food (Mix) BUY NOW
  • Cuttlebone/Cuttlefish (For Calcium)

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