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South Yorkshire Fish & Terrapin Rescue

Welcome to Our Family-Run Rescue. The rescue was founded in 2018 by A.WILLIAMS & L.WILLIAMS. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding care and accommodation for Koi fish and Terrapins. We are both big animal lovers and we can guarantee that any animals that come’s into our care will be well looked after. We do not agree with euthanasia, We believe that every animal deserves a chance.


Natural Environment

Giving them the chance to show there natural behaviour. .

Safe Environment

Free To roam within their enclosure away from danger.

Clean Environment

Filters & enclosure are checked daily. to help stop the risk of any infections. 

Social Environment

All our Terrapins live happily together with our fish.

All Donations Are Welcome

Give a Little, Help a Lot.


Our Services

Fish Rescue

Book fish into us.

Terrapin Rescue

Book a Terrapin into us.

Come see your pet

Enjoy 1 hour with the terrapins and fish.

Fish & Terrapin Adoption

Adopt a fish or Terrapin today.

Free Water Testing

Book your free test today.

Have your filter cleaned

Book a pond filter clean.

News feed

Please note we only keep updates up to one Month

website update

website update

3 Musk turtles just come in

3 Musk turtles just come in

Photos update

Photos update

Terrapin spotted in Doncaster Lake

Terrapin spotted in Doncaster Lake

Sick fish (Sad news)

Sick fish (Sad news)


Become a Member & Watch them Live

Bringing you closer to your terrapins

Meet our team

Please contact us if you would like to join the team

Animals we have saved

This is updated each time we have a rescue last update was (29/09/21)




Yellow-bellied sliders


Red-eared sliders


Other Turtles

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