frequently asked question

  • What do we rescue ?

    Pond fish & Terrapins

  • Are you a registered charity ?

    On the 29th of July 2021 we will be sending our paper work in to become a registered charity

  • Are you a shop?

    No sorry we are a non profit rescue centre for Animals. We do now sell second-hand items from pond clearances on our website -Under the home tab at the top look for Bidbay.

  • Do you offer drinks ?

    We can make you a cold drink if you need one when you are here with your Animal.

    A small donation box will be here if you would like to help.

  • Can I feed the Fish and Terrapins?

    We offer this at a price of 50p for a small bag of fish and terrapin mix

  • can i have a personal update on a animal I have brought in?

    As we have loads of fish and terrapins we cant offer this. But we have a way for you to check on the terrapins on live cams.