Surrender your pet

Giving up a pet can be hard and stressful on you and the animal. We are here to make it less stressful for you both. Our staff will be happy to talk though the process with you. 

When we ring you we will ask for a £20 Deposit on all animal bookings this is non-refundable if you do not turn up And it will be taken off the final fee when you arrive.

SpeciesAdmission fee 
Terrapins non native£80Each
Tortoises small (Waiting list)£45Each
Sulcatas (Waiting list)£80Each
Snakes £25Each
Water Dragons£25Each
Bearded Dragons£25Each

We can collect your pets

Due to us being self funded we charge a fee to cover the cost of collecting animals.

25 miles away   = £25

(Collection fee must be paid in full 2 days before collection day)

This fee is not including the Animal fees above

If you live over 25 miles away please contact

Ridge Way Courier

who will fetch your animals and bring them to us for a fee.

Please note their fee is nothing to do with us.

So you will still need to contact us and pay our fee

before the date your animal arrives with us.


After 2 days of trying we will no longer be able to help. So if you need our help please pick up your phone thanks
By clicking here you agree the animal is yours and once the animal is here we will be unable to give the Animal back!
This part is to buld a survey so we can help more people in 2025