About Us

Welcome to Our Family-Run Rescue

 The rescue was founded in 2018 by A.WILLIAMS & L.WILLIAMS. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding care and accommodation for Koi fish and Terrapins. We are both big animal lovers and we can guarantee that any animals that come’s into our care will be well looked after. We do not agree with euthanasia, We believe that every animal deserves a chance. We have a very good local vet who works very closely with us to ensure that each animal is getting the best treatment.
We have never put any animal to sleep, this would only happen under strict advice from the vet.
After keeping Koi over the last 24 years and Terrapins over the last 6 years, we decided to setup this rescue after seeing too many cases of (UNWANTED FISH AND TERRAPINS) being dumped in local ponds and reservoirs. We once had a phone call about a Terrapin abandoned in the middle of Worksop Town centre, a local vet collected it and brought it to us. We can confirm that it is now thriving in its new environment with us.
We found this news very distressing and un-acceptable as we feel that all animals deserve a better life, and we are capable of providing this.
Most people have described us as “Mad as a box of Frogs” but in our eyes all animals require is a good suitable environment, that caters to all the animals individual needs. Dedication is the key factor that most pet owners struggle to grasp. We accept that over time peoples lives and circumstances change. All we ask is that if you find yourself unable to properly care for your animal, please take it to a local (Accredited) rescue. We do not judge and have only one thing in mind. The animals welfare.
With your ongoing help and support we are doing what we set out to do!
A big THANKYOU to all our supporters
This is our 3rd year running