South Yorkshire Terrapin & Tortoise Rescue THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS:

You will see the following species on this cam

2 x African spotted eagle owls

Age 1½ Age 10 months
Food: ChicksFood: Chicks
Height: 45cmHeight: 35cm
Weight: 800gWeight: 650g
Temperament: Love been held and meeting new people


Members of the eagle owl family have small tufts of feathers on the tops of their heads called ‘ear tufts’, these are nothing to do with their hearing but are actually more like mood indicators!

Owls produce a pellet every day, a neat package of all of the parts of their food they cannot fully digest, such as bones and feathers!

Owls have 14 bones in their necks to allow them to turn their heads 270 degrees. Humans only have seven, and even a giraffe only has seven!

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