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Our Mission

The South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue is a non-profit, organization that was started by a group of devoted ferret owners in the Thurcroft area who recognized the need for a locally based rescue dedicated to ferrets. Our committed volunteers assist South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue in their goal to find permanent homes for all of the ferrets surrendered to us. They also provide shelter, basic needs, veterinary care, and if necessary, rehabilitation for all abused, unwanted, and abandoned ferrets regardless of their health status.

With the rapid rise in the popularity of ferrets as pets, there is a great need for public education. While ferrets make wonderful pets, it is important that those who select them, as well as those in contact with them, have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding ferrets care. South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue places a high priority on educating potential and present ferret owners as to the special needs required by these increasingly popular, but often very misunderstood, pets. South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue also offers information tables for ferret owners to provide them with tips on the best care for their fuzzy friends. Additionally, active South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue volunteers are continually seeking out and sharing new information on the latest ferret facts and medical care.

All ferrets surrendered to South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue are fostered and cared for by members of our team. While our foster families generously provide these ferrets with love, South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue provides all necessary supplies and medical care. No ferret is ever, or will ever, be turned away for any reason, and South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue will care for them until adoptive homes can be found through our three step adoption process.

South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue operates entirely by volunteer efforts and owes its success to frequent donations and an extensive fundraising program to cover our increasing expenses. With the support from some very kind veterinarians in the South Yorkshire  area we can ensure that all surrendered ferrets receive any medical care they require. Without their knowledge and assistance it would be extremely difficult to care for the ferrets to the extent that we do.

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Please Contact Louise on
Tel: 07546753080
The South Yorkshire Ferret Rescue is based at ftrescue
28 Aymer drive Thurcroft s669pu


We are currently unable to accept surrenders until 2022