Ferret Adoption

Male Musk's

Donation fee for male's is £5

Payable on the day of collecting by cash or card

To adopt please use the form below 


Female Musk's

Donation fee for Female's is £6

Payable on the day of collecting by cash or card

To adopt please use the form below 

Musk Basic Care

Common Musk Turtle Substrate

Substrate is not required when keeping common musk turtles, and a bare-bottomed tank is also easier to clean. Hobbyists who want a more attractive, naturalistic turtle enclosure can use medium-sized gravel. (We recommend sand)

Common Musk Turtles Food

Wild common musk turtles eat a variety of small snails, mollusks, crayfish and aquatic insects such as dragonfly and damselfly nymphs. They will also actively pursue small tadpoles and terrestrial insects that fall into the water. They will occasionally consume plant matter such as Elodea species or duckweed. Pet common musk turtles will eat earthworms, cut-up fish and shrimp, crickets and bloodworms.  Most pets will eat pelleted turtle foods,

Common Musk Turtle Handling and Temperament

Common musk turtles may occasionally attempt to bite, so care should be taken in handling them. Keep your fingers toward the rear of the carapace to minimize the likelihood of a nip, but common musk turtles have long, flexible necks, so be careful. And remember the previously mentioned reason why this turtle is also called the stinkpot.


Common musk turtles are small, and a large one will be no more than 4 inches in length. Males are slightly larger than females, perhaps 10 percent larger

Sternotherus odoratus

Is a tiny, dark, and shy aquatic turtle. Some common names of this creature include eastern musk turtle, stinkpot turtle, and common musk turtle. It is one of the smallest turtles in the world known for its black body, musky odor

Please complete the animal adoption form

The preferred date may vary upon the Rescue's availability.

We are available between 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

Finding the right home :


Any animal you Adopt from us should never be resold! Should you be unable to care for the said animal you should return it back to the rescue asap


We require you to register the animal at the vets even if your animal is healthy, This is free at most vets.


You must not breed your chosen pet ever! There is loads of animals in rescues looking for homes Don't add to them.

Photo ID

You must bring this with you when picking up and choosing your pet without this sorry but you will be turned away,

Home Visits

We do sometimes contact you to arrange a home visit this will be done via your information given in the form above. If you are to far we will ask for a video call.

Animal Temperament

We will try and help match you with the right turtle temperament but we can not guarantee their temperament most musk's are not so snappy. And will tolerate been picked up.